Saturday, 15 June 2013

Metro Manila: One of the Multicolor Abstracts

Work in progress, being completed by the girls. The tops are all assembled by hand stitching.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Metro Manila: the girls at work on their blocks

Sewing boxes being prepared from used grocery cartons, fabric, buttons, and a lot of imagination.  One of the girls made two tiny teddy bears from felt scraps in lieu of two buttons to fasten the lid!  And a fastener-less bracelet, reincarnated as embellishment.

Imagine my surprise when I found two fat bags of fabric scraps ready for sorting, and lots of yardage purchased from Taytay, the textile center of Metro Manila.

Metro Manila: ECPAT Quilt Training: 6-22 May 2013

Funding was made available!
The pockets of the Consular Club of the Philippines made it possible for the training to take place.I am so glad that Amihan is a quilt enthusiast too, and has done a lot of follow-up with block making and assembly with the girls.  And she knows where to get batting!