Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Quezon City: Wall quilts sold by ECPAT

In May 2014, about 15 persons, including young teenage girls, attended the second training course for art quilts at ECPAT in Quezon City.  Many of them did not have any sewing experience at all.  These were all hand-sewn and hand-quilted.  I was informed that three were already sold! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kathmandu: Rajasthan Camel

No. 13 in the series.  Looking forward to seeing the quilting ladies at the camp in Boudha soon!

Kathmandu: Ghongha (Snail)

No. 12 in the series.

Kathmandu: Three Ladies with Water Jugs

no. 11 in the series.

Kathmandu: Star in a Star

No. 10 in the Series

Kathmandu Himalayan Lilies

No. 9 in the series.

Kathmandu: Disappearing Four Patch

No. 7 in the series.

Kathmandu: No. 6

Kathmandu: Pinwheels in Pinwheels

This design is intended for the Fancy Group series no. 5, for Quilts for Kids Nepal.

Kathmandu: All Squares and Rectangles

No. 4 in the Quilts for Kids Nepal's Fancy Group series.

Kathmandu: Old Delhi Rug

This will be the third in the series of Sind-inspired designs for Quilts for Kids Nepal, in Boudha.

Kathmandu: Rajasthan Rug (detail)

Will use this design as the second in the series with the quilting ladies o(Fancy Group) of Boudha, in October.

Kathmandu: Sind Camel Rug

Here is the first design for the quilting ladies of Boudha, Kathmandu!  Will be travelling to Nepal in October to join once more the community of Quilts for Kids Nepal. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Will be working with the girls at ECPAT, Quezon City, from 14 to 22 May again!  I really look forward to checking up on the progress of their sewing skills, and to introduce new methods of wall quiltmaking.  10 samples were produced, and the classes will be grouped according to their skills.  We probably will have a beginner class, plus an intermediate and advanced class for those with good hand and machine skills.  This time, some new themes have been designed, inspired by life in the Philippines.  There are many, many more themes that could be tapped, but that is another story...  

The 10 designs posted here are titled VINTA, and you can scroll all the way to ALIMANGO.
Any feedback is most welcome!

Simple Squares


Regatta sa Zamboanga

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas

oops, correction - 9 columns, 24 rows.

Jeep sa Fiesta

Gansa at kwandrado-Geese and Squares

Sa dilaw, sa itim

Sa itim, sa puti

Alimango of Malabon