Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Philippines: Baguio City, for Narda

Narda gave me a bagful of handwoven fabric scraps, which I fashioned into a large bed quilt, and one wall hanging.  The fabrics are woven at her weaving facility in Acop, just outside Baguio City.  These fabrics lend themselves well to quilts:  tactile with dyeing by hand.  The center design is based on the rosette stained glass round window of St. Mary's Church in Sagada, where we had a joyous occasion to visit with my sisters in June.  The colors are those you would find in  Cordillera costumes and textiles. Little Boy, the cat, sits by the quilt.

Monday, 20 July 2015

ANKURI (In Dehradun, India)

Here is a "draft" of a design for hand-sewn children's quilts.  A group of women is being organized for training in making quilts in July/August.
The colors will depend on fabrics available in the local market.The outer border is of plain solid fabric.  The inner border will be pieced: half square triangles (as shown), rail squares, quarter square triangles, flying geese and others.  The center design will come from inspirations around Dehradun's environment, such as the "hills" shown above. An elephant appliqué appears on the right lower side, representing a "logo" for quilts made at Ankuri, an NGO social enterprise based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand State in India.

Woman in Gold-Klimt muse

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Quezon City, at ECPAT

At ECPAT in Quezon City, 8 - 22 May 2015 for my third year of training in art quilts.  Two were sold, even if they were works in progress! The quilters were very pleased. These two were Tropical Fish, and Technikulay. The panels, although not yet baptized with names, were quite popular.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

ECPAT Quezon City No.9- 2015 series. Bird n Cat

ECPAT Quezon City No.8 2015 series. Cat n Bird 1

ECAT Quezon City No.7 2015 series. Seahorse

ECPAT Quezon City.No.6 2015. FishTwo

ECPAT Quezon City Series 5 2015. Lone Butterfly

ECPAT Quezon City No.4 in 2015 series. Wall Strip Journal 2(unfinished)

ECPAT Quezon City No.3 2015 series. Wall Strip Journal

ECPAT Quezon City -No.2-2015 day and night variation, houses

ECPAT Quezon City: 2015, series no 1 of 9 wall quilt designs

Here is the first in the 2015 series:  night and day, an abstract wall hanging. Or rather, day and night!